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Since 2007, SEOProLab has been an innovator in enterprise and small business digital marketing and search engine optimization.

We Provide SEO THAT Works

Our explosive growth has been due to two factors: our reputation for consistently ranking and keeping our clients at the top of the search engine rankings, and our ability to do it at prices lower than any other full-service SEO agency.

By going far beyond the normal “backlinking” process with innovative use of brand building, social marketing and authority outreach, we have helped both elite corporations and small businesses expand their search engine rankings, their brand recognition, their customer loyalty – and their revenues, profits and return on investment.

We don’t just help clients build rankings. We help them build their business.

And we do it at prices which will fit into just about any budget.


To help your business achieve the online success it deserves, at a price you can afford.

Our Approach

We help you attract large numbers of potential clients to your website, and then help you convert them into longtime customers and lifelong fans of your products or services.

We accomplish that not only through traditional “white hat” SEO methods, but also by putting our innovative digital and social marketing strategies to work for you. We build your search engine traffic, as well as the “online buzz” which brings even more people through the door. And we help you fine-tune your website so those people don’t just buy your products, they sing your praises to their friends and followers.

We also believe that most SEO agencies charge way more than they should. Quite frankly, the amount of overhead and profit they build into their prices is – to our minds – criminal. We love profit as much as the next company. But we’d rather earn it gradually, over the course of long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients, than by overcharging for our services.

Our client retention rate is 91%. So we believe our approach works pretty well.

Meet The Team

The SEOProLab team consists of an all-star roster of elite professionals, in specialties ranging from search engine optimization, to social platform marketing, to content marketing and outreach.

Milica Vujicic

Milica Vujicic

Founder & CEO

Marko Velickovic

Marko Velickovic

Co-Founder & CEO

We also have a unique group of outside experts who we can call upon for added perspective and feedback.

Most members of our team have been with us for the nearly ten years we’ve been in business, and all have stayed current with developments in the constantly-changing online environment.
Whether it’s the latest Google algorithm update, a promising new social platform, or a brand-new traffic generating technique, you can be sure we’ve already been aware of it, researching it, and incorporating it into our core SEO and SEM strategies.
Our team makes sure we’re always ahead of the curve – which means that you are, too.

Just as importantly, everyone on our team loves what they do, and is grateful to be paid a good salary to do the work they love.

That’s one more reason we’re able to provide the comprehensive, high-quality services we offer our clients at budget prices: no one at SEOProLab is trying to get rich quick or capitalize on a new “ranking trick” which won’t work for long.

For everyone on our team, digital marketing is our life and our passion.

Our knowledgeable, elite team is at the center of what we do and why we do it so well.

We hope you’ll join our extended family.

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