SEO could be described as a complicated organism with many constantly changing facets – and can’t claim that we know everything that is going to happen in the future. Through the years, we have tried a variety of techniques with great success. Ultimately, however, adhering to recommendations published by Google, Bing, and other search engines may be the only way to achieve success with your SEO efforts.


Our techniques are all based on “white hat” search engine optimization, and we will tell you upfront what we have in mind to help your site to rank higher. It may not sound as sexy or cool as what some competitors may claim, but we feel confident this is the only way to operate for long-term success. We want to help you to grow your business, so we don’t perform less reputable, “black hat” work which may prove to be a liability to that growth or your website.

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  1. Search engine optimization isn’t a one-time exercise like website development. It’s a process. Your ratings will ultimately rise and fall – as will your revenue – in the event that you stop building links.
  2. Search engine optimization is an extremely time-consuming process. It could take anywhere from two months to four months to see results (in terms of ranking against your competitors), but most of our clients see a noticeable difference within two to four weeks of the commencement of our work.
  3. New websites may see a temporary increase in position for some targeted keywords before dropping down to their true position. This is referred to as the new website boost effect or “honeymoon period” and is quite common.
  4. No one can promise of number-one rankings or constant top rankings for most keywords, as SEO has no control over ranking algorithms or ongoing SEO efforts by the competition.
  5. Until a website has proved its capability to remain in the high SERP positions for a lengthy period of time or has enough backlink power, search engines like Google might prevent the rankings of new websites for a while. Sites can also drop in rankings for no obvious or predictable reason. Frequently such ratings reappear with or without search engine optimization efforts.
  6. If search engine optimization work is damaged or destroyed by any party, either knowingly or unknowingly, there can be no guarantee of a return to the optimized position and will require additional work.
  7. Internet search engine rankings can fluctuate at any time due to ongoing changes and improvements in ranking algorithms, search engine optimization efforts by competitors or both.
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    • Adding, eliminating or changing site items, performance, plugins or widgets.
    • Eliminating the Google Analytics code on the site.
    • Bringing down the website or areas of the website.
    • Changes in the website architecture.
    • Renaming URLs of the website.
    • Changing keywords, company names or any other important details that will affect the work we have done.
  10. No guarantee/warranty of extra costs, task timeliness and final results if:Customer does not resolve questions promptly or make delays in providing information to aid our work.
    • Customer does not make necessary changes on the web site as and when advised from the SEOProlab Team.
    • There’s a server failure for extended time.