Marko Velickovic

Marko Velickovic

Link Building and Why It’s Important

An extremely effective SEO strategy for increasing the amount of traffic to a client’s website is link building. Although there are a number of different ways to go about building links, one worthwhile method to try is blog commenting.

One of the ways to make your blog comments the most effective is to be very careful and deliberate about the blogs that you comment on. There are many different ways to go about choosing which blogs to comment on, in the hopes of redirecting the most amount of traffic to a particular website. To start, a key point to consider is whether or not the website that the blog post is on actually attracts a decent amount of traffic to it. In order to assess this, it is important to consider the blog’s Page Authority. If the blog has a PA of less than 10, it might not be the most valuable blog to spend time commenting on. However, if the blog has a PA that is above 10, it’s clear that the blog already has a bit of a following. Since the blog is already attracting visitors, you’ll have the opportunity to entice these visitors to visit your website next if they’re interested in what you have to say in your blog comment. Evidently, though, the higher the PA that a blog has, the more worthwhile it’ll be for you to take the time to comment on it, since you’ll have a higher chance of enticing more people to come to your website.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is whether or not the blog post that you are planning to comment on is relevant to the information or topic of the website you want these visitors to click on and visit. Basically, the more relevant the blog post is to the products or services that your client provides, the more interested the people who are visiting the blog will be in visiting your website. Otherwise, if you’re commenting on a blog that has a high PA but has nothing to do with your client’s work, your comment might be counted as spam, and might annoy other commenters instead of encouraging them to visit your site. Furthermore, if your actual blog comment has nothing to do with the focus of the blog post – for example, the blog post is about the most suitable vehicles for a cross-country road trip, and your comment is about the best places to buy chili dogs in the U.S. – the blogger may not even approve your comment because it’ll be clear to them that you aren’t commenting because you’re actually interested in their blog. All in all, the best thing to do is to look for blogs that discuss topics that actually relate to your client, since it’ll dually improve your chances of getting your comments approved, as well as of attracting people to the desired website.

Finally, another thing to look for when trying to decide which blog posts to respond to is whether or not the blog has a box for you to paste in the URL of the website that you want fellow commenters to visit. Although this seems like common sense, many blogs do not actually have this option / choose to disable it. However, by deliberately linking your blog comment to your client’s website, it’ll be a lot faster and easier for other commenters to visit it, and therefore, they will be a lot more likely to do so.

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