LinkedIn SEO: The Ultimate Guide To Mastering [2024]

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This is a complete guide to LinkedIn SEO in 2024.

Are you ready to dominate?

Let’s jump right in.

Think about the last time you tried to find someone on LinkedIn.

Maybe you were looking for a graphic designer, or event planner.

You popped a few words into the search bar and, voilà, LinkedIn served you up with a list of people.

But with over 900 million people using it, have you ever wondered how LinkedIn decides who makes it to the top of that list? 

And that’s where SEO for LinkedIn comes into play.

So, let’s jump right in

Table of Contents

What is LinkedIn SEO?

Lots of folks ask me about LinkedIn optimization these days.
I used to think SEO was all about websites.

When done right, LinkedIn SEO can introduce you to a new bunch of opportunities.

I remember when I joined LinkedIn.

I was so lost!

All those buttons and features made my head spin.

But once I figured it out, my network started to grow.
linkedin profile
The key is making sure people can find you when searching.

LinkedIn SEO is all about helping others discover your profile when they search for people in your industry.

It’s the same as how Google finds websites.
linkedin google
On LinkedIn, you optimize your profile and activity instead of pages.

There are a few main things to focus on

First, fill out your profile completely
linkedin profile
Be sure to list your current job, past roles, skills, education, and connections.

The more info you provide, the more likely others will find you.

Next, choose the right keywords

These are the words and phrases people might search to find someone like you.
linkedin search

For example:

If you’re an accountant in New York City, include terms like “accountant,” “NYC accountant” and “bookkeeping services.”

It’s also key to network strategically.

Connect with people in your field and industry, join groups, answer questions, and share relevant posts.
linkedin profiles
All of this engagement helps your profile ranking on LinkedIn.

Lastly, remember to regularly update your profile as your career changes.

Keep old jobs or education listed, but make sure to highlight new roles, skills, and experiences.

This keeps your profile fresh each time someone searches.

With a little LinkedIn SEO know-how, you’ll be discovered by all sorts of colleagues, clients, and recruiters.
profiles in
It’s the perfect way to take your professional network to new heights.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is so much more than just another place on the internet.

That said, let’s dive right in and see why it’s important to optimize your profile.
optimize linkedin
Game changer!

It can level up your career

If you take the time to optimize your profile!

There are lots of reasons to polish your LinkedIn profile.

Here are my top 5:

Look Like a Rockstar

What’s the first thing recruiters and connections see?

It’s your profile image.
in profile
– Make sure you have a flattering photo that matches your professional vibe.

– Use your headline and background to brand yourself too.

– This crafts how others see you, which is very important.

Network Network Network!

in profiles
– LinkedIn opens doors by letting you connect with people you’d never meet otherwise.
– Engage in groups, follow companies, and endorse peoples’ skills.
– The bigger your web of connections, the more support and introductions you’ll get.

Get Discovered by Recruiters

When searching for talent, recruiters rely heavily on LinkedIn.

linkedin profiles

Spiffying up your profile puts you on their radar for dream jobs.

Make it easy for them to find your gold nuggets like experience and education.

Generate Leads and Clients

Thoughtful status updates and shares put your expertise on display.
linkedin expert
This wows potential customers or collaborators, who’ll come knocking at your LinkedIn door.

Craft Your Brand

Your profile is the prime spot to showcase what makes you uniquely fabulous.

Fully leverage it to craft a reputation as the best in your field.

This opens the gift of new chances down the line.
linkedin brand

Take it from me – juice up your profile and watch amazing things happen!

Cracking LinkedIn’s Ranking Factors

In this chapter, we will go through LinkedIn’s ranking factors.

How you can improve them. 

And much more.

There’s a whole formula at work behind the scenes that depends on six main ranking factors.
linkedin rankings
If you want more eyes on your profile, these are the keys you gotta focus on:


linkedin keywords
LinkedIn pays attention to the words you use to describe your experience, skills, and education.

Be sure to include relevant industry terms people might search for.

The more you optimize, the better your chance of coming up with results.

Profile Completion

LinkedIn loves filled-out profiles!
in experts
Get extra points for filling in things like previous jobs, projects, skills, and your bio.

Leaving stuff empty is like missing assignments in school.

Limited Spam

You have to keep it real on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn now

Stuff like self-promotion, duplicate posts, or selling stuff too much is frowned upon.

Treat it like a professional water cooler, not an advertisement.

Activity & Engagement

LinkedIn wants to see you’re part of the community.

linkedin community
Things like posting, commenting, connecting, messaging, and joining groups show your face around the campus.


These are like writing great assignments that the teacher recognizes.

linkedin recommendation

Ask past co-workers and clients to recommend your awesomeness to boost your popularity ranking.

Profile Views

When people click on your profile, it tells LinkedIn that others find you valuable and want to know more.

Keep putting out quality updates to drive visitor traffic.
profile views

Follow these factors and your profile is sure to rise to the top of any search.

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has become an invaluable tool for networking and career development.

Maintaining an optimized profile is essential for gaining exposure to new opportunities and connections.

In this chapter, we will explore best practices for crafting a polished LinkedIn account.

And leveraging the platform’s functionality to advance your professional goals.

Covered topics will include:

1. Profile completion
2. Relevant keyword inclusion
3. Engagement strategies

and more.

With a dedicated focus on continuous optimization, readers can maximize their LinkedIn profile’s visibility and potential.

Brainstorm Keywords

Make a list of all relevant skills, experiences, job titles, industry terms, etc.

brainstorm kw

This is the foundation.

Leverage LinkedIn Keywords

Login to your profile and go to the “LinkedIn keywords” section.

I’ll type in “writer” and hit search:

LinkedIn keywords

Next, click on “People”

Next, click on People

LinkedIn – People – Writers

This will give me a list of people (in this case it’s around 1,430,000) who are ranking for “writer” or some variation of it.

in variations

I can see that these users are targeting “freelance writer”, “content writer”, and “writer and proofreader.”

This will give us more keyword ideas we can use for the profile.

To find more keyword variations, just scroll down to the bottom.

LinkedIn – People also searched for
LinkedIn – People also searched

Additionally, you can also browse user’s profiles to get more keyword ideas.

Here’s an example:

example linkedin

LinkedIn – Profile – Keywords

As you can see, this person has targeted several keywords to increase their chances of being seen by people searching for these terms.

Marketing Manager
Social Media Manager

But yes, let’s admit, this process is time-consuming and can take a lot of time

However, we could speed things up by using Ahrefs.

ahrefs tools

Refine with Ahrefs

Use a free keyword research tool to find new in-demand keywords.

kw research linkedin

Filter by search volume and difficulty.

Prioritize Long-Tail Keywords

In addition to broad keywords, focus on relevant long-tail keywords containing 2-5 descriptive words.

long-tail keywords in

These are better for optimization.

Map to Profile Sections

Weave your keywords naturally into your title, description, projects, skills, etc. 

map section

Tools like Ahrefs can suggest the best placement locations.

Get Outside Input

Have colleagues review your updated profile to ensure all relevant skills and keywords are covered.


Incorporate valid suggestions.

Monitor and Maintain Keywords

Your career will evolve – revisit your keyword research periodically and update your profile accordingly.

Continuous optimization is key.

By following these steps, you can effectively discover and apply the right keywords to highlight your full professional brand on LinkedIn.

Over time, your profile’s searchability and visibility will improve.

Keep a Complete and Updated Profile

Make sure to fill out all relevant sections of your profile.

That should include:

1. Your current job title
2. Previous work experience
3. Education History
4. Skills

Recruiters and connections want to get a full picture of your professional background at a glance.
linkedin pro
It’s also important to keep your profile information current as your career progresses.

An outdated profile won’t accurately reflect your current abilities.

Consistency is key

Aim to periodically review your profile every few months and edit any information that is no longer applicable or needs enhancing. 

Let’s take a look at what you should focus on to fully optimize your LinkedIn profile.


Use a professional headshot

Having a clear, well-lit photo of your face makes your profile more personalized and establishes credibility.

Pretty much like this:

Use a professional headshot

Opt for a happy, professional-looking photo.

Optimize image file names

Include relevant keywords to your industry, skills, job title, etc. in your photo file name so it gets properly detected and indexed by LinkedIn search.

Add images to posts

Recruiters are more likely to notice your updates in search results and engage more if you include visuals.

Photos should add value to the content.

Improve click-through

People are inclined to click colorful, high-quality images over plain text.

Optimize images for eye-catching visual appeal.

Keep images sized properly

LinkedIn recommends at least 200×200 pixels for profiles and 1024×512 pixels for posts to maintain image quality during loading.
Keep images sized properly
Be clear and high-quality

Be PNGs or JPG

Be 400 x 400 px

Be under 8MB in size

Prioritizing aesthetically pleasing, keyword-optimized images can strengthen your branding and improve your LinkedIn search rankings over time.

Focus on quality, relevant visuals that enhance the reader experience.

Background Photo

This one is very important.

It’s like a having billboard in the city center.

Use this space smartly, so you can show your accomplishments and awards or offer free resources.

smartly in

– Craft a catchy slogan that encapsulates your identity and services.
– Incorporate your official website address and identifiers for social platforms.
– Embed a compelling invitation to act (CTA) or offer straightforward directions for contact initiation.
– Ensure that key details are not positioned in the lower left corner to maintain visibility.


Have fun so far by optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

Ok, let’s add some more magic.

Do you ever look at other profiles and feel like your headline is boring?

Now it’s time to put some pizzazz in that tiny line under your name!
The first thing to decide is what you want people to know about you when they see your profile.

Are you a creative problem solver?

A social media specialist?

The best part is you can be more than one thing.

Under your name, you’ll see the line that says “Headline.”


Click the little pencil icon next to it.

Headlines in

Now for the fun part – choosing how to describe yourself!

Your headline should include

– Your job title
– Your area of expertise
– How you can help the viewer
– Your primary keyword and one or two other related keywords that you think are relevant

For example, instead of just “Teacher” you could say “Encouraging young minds to love learning.”

Add some hashtags for keywords people may search for, like #education #nonprofit.

Headlines linkedin

But don’t go overboard or it looks silly.

When you’re happy with how it shows off your talents, hit the save button.

Now everyone who finds your profile will immediately know how awesome you are!

Tweak it later if you want – that’s the best part.

But for now, go show off your cool new headline and spread your light.

Well done making your profile perfectly you!

Featured Posts

Now you can draw people in with eye-catching Featured Posts!

Let’s make some perfect optimization.

First of all, this is the place where you can display posts, newsletters, images, and articles, and add links that you feel showcase your abilities and knowledge.

Headline linkedin

Browse your profile for ideas. 

What expertise can you offer to help others in your industry?

Then gather your amazing insights into a blog-style post.

Once written, log into LinkedIn and hit “Create Post”.

Create Post

Select “Featured” to make your wisdom stand out from the ordinary posts.

ordinary posts
Customize your headline to hook readers instantly.

For example, instead of “Job Search Tips” say “5 `CLEVER TRICKS to Land Your Dream Job!”

Add your insightful text and any related photos, videos, or links.

Remember, you’re teaching others so keep it friendly and easy to understand.

That’s very important.

Finally, share your new Featured Post with your LinkedIn connections.

They’ll receive a notification about your brilliant advice.

Ok, time to grab some popcorn.

Your post just became the star attraction on your profile!

Sit back and watch as people praise your information in the comments.

Well done for enlightening others with your expertise!


Your about section is the one where you are “convincing” people to follow you.

So, let’s make it correctly done. 

First, think about what makes your talents or gifts stand out.

You have around 2600 words to play with it.

2600 words

Scroll down until you see “About” in a big box.

About linkedin

Make a clear picture of who you are and why people should care about checking your profile.

Use keywords like “social media marketer” or “teacher.”

But also share what fuels your soul…your heroes, hobbies, or favorite snack.

Let’s check some samples:

Alexis wants employers to see her top skills: “Dedicated customer service rep with 5+ years experience. Highly skilled at resolving client issues with a friendly solution focused approach. Experienced multitasking and thrives under pressure.”

Henry shares what fuels his passion too: “Avid hiker who loves inspiring others to enjoy nature’s beauty. 5-time science fair winner devoted to green energy solutions.”

You can even use emojis like Jenny did: “Social butterfly 🦋 who brightened every room. Now spreading kindness as an events coordinator near Orlando, FL. Cooking 🍳 and baseball 🏈 nut too!

Remember to keep it short, sweet, and real.

keep it short

Aim for 3 short paragraphs max so recruiters keep reading your awesome personality.

Remember, you want to sound like your fun, helpful self – not a robot.

And don’t be afraid to use emojis to shine a little more!

When it perfectly captures your awesomeness, tap Save. 

Work Experience

As you already know, there are tons of professionals.

Standing out of the crowd is not easy.

But no worries, we have a formula for success.

The job history section can get boring fast.

Let’s add some color to show what you REALLY did at each place!

First, log into LinkedIn.

log into LinkedIn

Click the pencil under “Work Experience” to start your magic.

Work Experience

Take a look at one very good sample:

linkedin sample

See what I mean?

Sample 1:

Jane wants to highlight top contributions:

“Kids’ Soccer Coach, 2018-2021

Inspired 100+ future stars through positive coaching, help to raise championship-winning team 3 years in a row.”

James puts personality into each role:

“Shop Clerk, SuperMegaMart 2015-2017

‘Customer Favorite’ known for unwavering smile and problem-solving any issue with laughs.”

Remember milestones, like awards or new programs you led.

Did you get Employee of the Month?

Crush big goals or sales records?

This is where you cash in those accolades!

Always focus on your unique impact, not just tasks.

Paint a picture of why companies loved working with YOU!

When you’ve customized all your entries, save your masterpiece.

Now potential connections and companies see the real fun you brought to each experience.

Your true colors will shine!

Skills and Endorsements

This section gives a clear snapshot of what you’re great at – but don’t stop there!

Here’s how to stand out even more.

But before that, take a look at a real sample

real sample

Choose skills that accurately reflect your expertise and areas of experience.

Focus on skills relevant to your current role or career goals.

If pursuing a new opportunity, target buzzwords from job descriptions.

Keep your list concise – no more than a couple of key skills.

Quality over quantity is more impactful.

Do in-depth research on priority skills and be prepared to discuss real-life examples demonstrating proficiency if asked.

Network with others who can endorse you credibly.

Reach out to former managers, clients, and colleagues you helped in meaningful ways.

meaningful ways

Provide a brief reminder of your work together.

Thank them promptly for any endorsements received.

Monitor endorsements regularly and remove outdated ones over time.

An endorsement from five years ago carries less weight if skillsets have evolved.

Keep the list fresh and aligned with your current experience.

current experience

Consider endorsing others generously with thoughtful recommendations.

This strengthens your network while creating goodwill for potential future reciprocation.

Make endorsers feel valued for supporting your profile.

Test different keyphrases and monitor effectiveness.

Some skills may attract more views or connections than others.

Be willing to refine over time based on engagement metrics and feedback from connections.

Let integrity and substance shine through by detailing concrete achievements elevating each skill.

Employers want to understand capability beyond keywords.

Provide evidence showcasing deep mastery.

Hit “Save” and voila – your profile is a beacon for all how talented, teachable, and friendly you are.

Another victory for shining your gifts!


We are doing great so far.
While optimizing skills and endorsements can help with search visibility, the real value lies in converting those views into meaningful connections and opportunities.

Recommendations that speak authentically to your work quality, work ethic, or collaborative nature do far more to convince potential partners of your abilities.

your abilities

Numbers alone don’t tell the full story.

Perhaps the better focus is cultivating relationships where you truly help others succeed – so they feel invested in spreading the word.

Quality over quantity yields genuine social proof that sways decisions.

Skills are a starting point, but recommendations reveal your true impact.

Custom URL

Having a custom Linkedin URL has many benefits:

– People will remember your profile much more easily and will share
– It will boost your credibility and professionalism
– Your URL will have clean look

Making it easy for people to find you is so important.

so important

With a personalized URL, potential clients or colleagues can just put your name or topic into the search bar and bam, straight to your profile.

No mixing up numbers or getting lost.

It’s like a virtual business card.

Right away people see you took the time to brand yourself and feel confident about what you offer.

That signature touch builds trust.

Give it a try.

It only takes a few minutes but can boost how awesome your profile looks online!

Product Page

If you are working hard to implement all we’ve discussed so far, great!

Good job!

But this chapter deserves more attention because it’s about what you’re offering. 

Did you know LinkedIn has a special page just for your company’s products?

It’s super helpful for telling others about what you offer.

And I’m just about to show you how you can optimize this section so people can find it easily. 

Here’s a snippet of what LinkedIn’s Products page looks like:

Products page
First log into LinkedIn and head over to your company page.

your company

Find the menu option that says something like “Products” – it should have a little picture of a box with a gift bow next to it.

Products linkedin

Click on that cutie and it’ll take you to a fresh new page.

From there, click on “Add a product”:

Enter your product’s name and hit “Get started”:

You’ll get taken to a setup page that looks like this:

setup page

When writing your product description, be sure to focus on the top 2-3 unique selling points that set your product apart from competitors.

Highlight the key benefits and how it solves problems for your ideal customer.

Weave in relevant keywords naturally by mentioning them in context.

For example, instead of just stating buzzwords, write sentences like “Our software streamlines financial workflows for accounting professionals.”

Categorize your product clearly for improved discoverability.

LinkedIn gives you a few options to choose from, so pick the category most reflective of your product’s intended use.

Include specific details customers care most about – like features, specifications, pricing info, or demo instructions.

Use this as an opportunity to convey exactly what’s included to build trust.

Link to your website for more in-depth product info.
in-depth in
Give people interested in learning more a clear next-step path to take.

This helps convert those just browsing into engaged leads.

Proofread carefully and have others check it as well.

With only 1,000 characters, every word counts – so ensure your description represents your brand professionally.

LinkedIn Content Optimized for SEO

At this point, your profile is already optimized.

Now, let’s put some spicy SEO-optimized content into your profile. 

content into your profile

Text Posts: Keep words short so eyes don’t get tired.

Add hashtags so more people find you.

Picture Posts: One pic says more than words. 

Picture Posts

Take cool photos and add a caption to tell about it.

Picture Groups: Post lots of pics together in one group. It looks neat and tells a full story.

Video Posts: LinkedIn lets you put videos right on your page.

Show off with movies of yourself!

Slideshow Posts: Make pics or clips slide across the screen like slides in school.

Slideshow Posts

It’s fun to look at!

Video Slideshows: These show videos sliding past one by one.

So cool!

File Posts: When sharing papers, add words too so eyes don’t get stuck.

Make it snappy.

Poll Posts: Ask people questions and see what they think.

Keep choices easy peasy!

Poll Posts

Add sparkly emojis and be friends with others.

Have fun making LinkedIn shine!

Show me what cool things you share.

Post in the comment section. 

LinkedIn Content Optimized for SEO

When more people see your updates, your business can grow bigger!

First, do some research

Think about what your friends like to read about.

linkedin profile in
You can ask them what they find fun and interesting.

Next, pick your post type

You can write words,and show one photo or many photos in a group.

Videos are cool too!
Videos are cool
Slideshows let pics or clips slide across like in a presentation.

Once you choose, add keywords

These are the important words people search for. 

Put them in your title, first sentence, and hashtags like #marketing

LinkedIn will show it more if those words are included.

Upload eye-catching stuff that tells a story. 

Pictures say more than boring words

Videos are fun to watch. 

Friends will want to keep looking.

Add things like emojis and quotes too.

quotes too

Boring posts don’t get noticed but fun ones make people smile. 

They’ll share with friends and more will see!

Make new posts each week

Fresh updates are more visible than old ones

Repurpose long posts into smaller bites too.

Have fun being creative! 

Play around with fonts, colors, and layouts. 

Test different things to see what gets the most likes from friends. 

Their favorites may be popular with others too!

Now it’s your turn!

I can’t wait to see all your popular LinkedIn posts!

Creating Articles

Content for Linkedin is another amazing way to show your credibility and improve your visibility.

Aim for long-form content that goes super in-depth on a particular topic.
particular topic
By doing that, you are increasing your chances to drive more traffic to your website. 

And now, you probably ask how?

One way is; smartly linking to other relevant articles on your site.

But how do you come up with topics to write about?

First, choose a topic

Maybe how you started your company or a problem customers have.

Research what folks search for online.

Get ready to write by outlining.
Put the main ideas in order like the chapters in a book.

This helps your story flow nicely.

Start with a catchy title.

Include keywords friends search for to get found.

Begin with an awesome first sentence to grab attention too!

Tell a fun story or share experiences in your own words.

Use short paragraphs.

Add pictures too cuz we all like looking at those.

Link to other articles if they connect to what you write.

Folks can learn more if they click around!

Ask questions and get readers thinking.
get readers thinking
Leave silly comments to make friends laugh.

Make it feel like a real chat with a friend.

At the end thank readers and suggest the next steps like visiting your website.

People need a reason to keep engaging with you.

Post it and message friends to share it.

Getting seen by more eyes grows your audience!

You can spread your knowledge and help their businesses too.

And as always, have fun being creative! 

The Power of Engaging

Interacting with others on LinkedIn can help your career.

Yes, 100% true.

Let me show you how. 

First, comment on your connection’s posts.
connection's posts
Give them two thumbs up for their cool updates.

Leaving notes shows support and that you care about them.

Always reply to anyone who comments too.

Have friendly chats and answer any questions people ask.

Being helpful makes you memorable in a good way!

Share posts on your page that might interest your friends.

Spreading information helps others and gets your name circulating as well.

Follow companies that sound fun and relevant.
fun and relevant.

Seeing your interests shows what you’re all about to potential employers or partners.

Join discussions happening in groups.

Adding your two cents is fun and gets brains buzzing.

People will remember you as smart and active!

Send personalized messages to say hi or offer help.

Making personal connections gets your name in people’s heads when chances come up for introductions.

Being social takes a little extra time, but is worth it.

The more friendly you are, the more folks will remember you for good jobs and chances to grow.

Tracking and Analytics

Ok, guys, so far we have done a great job.

All of the points mentioned above are great ways to boost your visibility on Linkedin.
visibility on Linkedin
But you need to be able to analyze how your efforts are going.

For that, we will use LinkedIn analytics.

How you can do that? 

First, click “Analytics” and choose the date range – last 7 days, last month, or customize dates.

customize dates

This shows your recent updates.

Next, scroll down to the “Overview” chart.

Bars show total views, clicks, and impressions each day.

impressions each day

“Impressions” means how many people saw your post in their feed!

Below is a graph of “Engagement over time.”

See engagement spike when a post was most popular.

Engagement includes reactions, comments, and shares with others.

The “Top posts” table lists your most viewed updates.

Click to see a breakdown of each post’s performance.

Drill down to see exactly which connections interacted!

Demographic data reveals who saw your posts most – their titles, industries, skills, and more.

Maybe electricians liked your safety post the most!

Location data maps where connections who saw your posts are based.

Perhaps neighbors or colleagues from a past job stared at your office party pics.

The “Referral sources” chart shows if people came from LinkedIn search, your profile, or were shared from elsewhere.

Use what gets the biggest numbers!

The Future of LinkedIn SEO: AI & Machine Learning

As AI grows, LinkedIn will get smarter.

Armed with its vast data reserves and technological assets, LinkedIn is poised to further harness AI and machine learning to deepen its insights into user patterns and preferences.
linkedin money
We should consider the potential implications for both individuals and companies.

So, let’s explore.

LinkedIn is using artificial intelligence to help people connect and find jobs.

Computers can now read profiles super fast and understand what skills people have.

AI also lets LinkedIn recommend perfect matches when companies search for new hires.

Robots learn what types of people do best in certain jobs.

Then they suggest applicants to boss robots.

LinkedIn also uses machine learning to predict trends.

linkedin users

Computers found job titles and skills growing fastest by tracking millions of profiles over time.

They can recognize patterns humans miss.

In the future, AI may generate personalized career advice too!

Robots getting smarter each day from data could recommend how to boost your career based on your interests and strengths.

Cool computer algorithms already tweak posts to wider audiences by time, day or device people use.

Soon they may optimize further down to the individual level!

It’s amazing how tech makes our network grow bigger than ever.

Robots just doing the legwork so we have more time to connect with real friends.

The future of LinkedIn is seriously bright!

Now, it’s your turn

Ok, guys, that’s all for this comprehensive guide.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Don’t miss the chance to stand out on Linkedin no matter in what niche you are.

Start implementing these strategies today for a profile that truly shines.

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say.
Did you find it useful?

Either way, let me know below in the comments.

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