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So, what exactly can we do for you?

Our strategies for social media assist your brand in achieving target goals. We offer individual marketing strategies, paid social advertising, and do community management.

1. Establish Your Brand Awareness

With the help of our social media marketing services, you will boost the number of your followers. We make sure that the people who follow you are relevant and in accordance with the interests and demographics of your usual customers.

2. Connect you with your audience

Our social media marketing services will assist you in connecting with your target audience through increased engagement. This means that your posts will start getting more likes, comments, shares, etc. When you develop a strong connection with your audience, they will buy your products but also spread the word about your business.

3. Boost your Website Exposure

When you boost your website exposure, this will affect your sales and leads. Our social media advertising services go best with this service, meaning that we create social media advertising campaigns that considerably increase traffic to your website. When we want to boost conversations, we add – on retargeting social ads to remain in front of visitors on the website.

The answer is simple- your target audience will engage with the brands they like and have confidence in. This is something that you also do-you interact with ads and posts of the brand you find interesting.

SMM-social media marketing- promotion solves this problem. We develop your brand visibility and use a specific digital marketing technique to build trust between brand and consumer. Once the trust is established, your brand will build a strong media presence.

If you’re still uncertain about the importance of being active on social media, read some statistics about this:

About 75% of Facebook users
claim that they visit their Facebook account every day.

About 64% of Facebook users
Say that If they see a brand on this social media platform they Like or Follow it.

About 88% of Instagram users
say that they use this social network to follow a business, and they interact if they find it interesting.

There you have it!

If you want to effectively grow your brand and income it’s crucial to have a proper social media marketing strategy.

A proper strategy means not just creating social ads and publishing posts.

It also means that a proper social media marketing strategy must be updated, it must target the right audience, it must be engaging, and above all, it must be created especially for your brand.

Let us make all of this possible for you with the use of our social media services.

1. Strategy
Strategy determines what is your plan and how you will fulfill it. We accomplish this by working together with you. We define your business dilemma, assist you in recognizing your opportunities, and finally develop a strategy that will upgrade your business.

2. Creative team
Our team that creates content and deals with production, follows the strategy and produces a proper, impressive, and efficient job.

3. Media
The core of our business is paid social media advertisements. With our strategies, we ensure that you get noticed by your target audience. It can be an advertising campaign or paid partnership with the publishers who think alike, both are measured by performance. We always go for the best results but keep our costs cheap.

4. Management
Our team makes sure that your social media works flawlessly 24/7. We cover every part when it comes to management, including community management, reporting, and scheduling.

1. Creating social media channels
Platforms Included: Facebook & Instagram – we research your business, find where your target audience is, and determine which platform works the best for your strategy.

Facebook – There are more than 1 billion daily Facebook users so using this most popular social media platform you will definitely reach your target audience and develop your business.

Instagram – Platform built on Photos – Reach your target audience on this most engaging social media platform. More than 65 % of people use Instagram to find products they are interested in.

2. Original Content Creation for SMM
With our social media marketing, we develop your brand a strong media presence.

3. Social media posts creation
We create exclusive social media posts for your brand.

4. Social Media Calendar Organization
You can check and comment on the content that we create before we place it on your social media account.

5. Post Promotion (Ad Boost Management)
Your Facebook or Instagram account gets more traffic, and your business develops in a second.

6. Unique Campaign Strategy
We research your business before we develop your exclusive strategy

7. Analyze Performance & Reporting
We pay attention to all social media activities and provide you with a report about the progress of your social media strategy.

8. Post Frequency - from 12 to 30 posts a month
Depending on the number of posts you require per month you can choose between these two packages. The prices are formed according to the packages.

Let’s just say – to have a developed business on both Facebook and Instagram requires a properly developed social media strategy for both platforms. Both of them have differences that need to be analyzed in order to create an effective strategy.

Doesn’t this sound like a tedious job? Luckily, you are not alone. Our social media marketing company can assist you in the process of achieving your business goals – reaching your target audience, increasing traffic, attracting new customers – we can do all of this for you.

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