Before purchasing or placing any order with SEOProLab, please read the following terms and conditions. 
If you are in any way unsure about any of terms listed, please ask.

When placing an order you are entering into a contract with SEOProLab, you understand you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. In the unlikely event that there are problems with our service, please immediately contact us in writing by email or a support ticket, including all necessary and relevant information that explains the problem. We will try to rectify the issue as quickly as possible and in a satisfactory manner.


The Client:

You, your company or business entering into a contract with SEOProLab.


Our company, its employees, agents and affiliates.

Your Site:

The website and web pages for which you are purchasing our SEO packages.


Search engine results a website or web page, for pre-agreed phrase(s) or keyword(s).

Pre-agreed phrase or keyword:

The phrase(s) or word(s) which you and SEOProLab have agreed to target for search engine ranking in your campaign.


A payment which shall be non-refundable without valid reason.


SEOProLab requires that orders and payment for our products and services be made directly on our website. A receipt for the transaction will be sent in a confirmation email. If you require an invoice or a different mode of payment, please contact us by email.

The placing of an order is to be viewed as a contract between SEOProLab and the client. The terms and conditions displayed below shall be considered binding and shall not be changed in any way by the client or by agents or employees of SEOProLab.

The contract shall be in force for a period of one month, after which the client may switch to a maintenance contract by notifying SEOProLab.

In the event the client desires break the contract without the agreement of SEOProLab, the client will remain liable for fees for all work completed up to the notification date. Upon payment of those fees, the contract will then terminate.


The client is required to pay fees upfront or within seven days (including weekends) of invoice receipt. SEOProLab will not commence any work until payment is complete.

A detailed report will be created by SEOProLab and emailed to the client for each order.


Preliminary contact by the client to SEOProLab should specify the web site or pages to be optimized and the desired phrase(s) or keyword(s) to be ranked.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – An explanation of services

When entering a contract with SEOProLab, the client agrees that they have read and understand the following statement:

Online search engines (particularly Google) have proprietary algorithms, software and techniques which influence how web pages rank for any given search. These algorithms periodically change, which results in changes in SERPs as a consequence. SEOProLab will monitor these changes in order to protect your website’s rankings. This means that although we can promise to deliver our best efforts to maximize your site’s rankings and minimize the possibility of your site being penalized by a search engine, we cannot guarantee consistent page 1 rankings or traffic levels due to the changeable nature of search engines’ algorithms.

While a top 10 ranking project will result in the client’s page reaching that placement at some point, this can take as long as 20 weeks as our work takes full effect. While your site will most likely rank on other search engine platforms during the normal course of our work, SEOProLab primarily focuses on optimization for Google only.

SEOProLab emphasizes that there is no guarantee of our techniques’ success. We offer no concrete assurance that any specific rank will be attained. It is also impossible to estimate the level of increased traffic which will ensue from our services. Online marketing is unpredictable and SEOProLab cannot in any way promise specific SERP placement.

SEOProLab does not engage in any design or coding work to optimize the client’s website. We may, however, suggest improvements for your on-page SEO in order to obtain better results.

SEOProLab may suggest possible phrase(s) and/or keyword(s); however the client is responsible for the selection of pre-agreed phrase(s) and keyword(s), and the use of these phrase(s) and keyword(s) will not hold us to warranty whatsoever.

If any part of this agreement is held to be invalid, that will in no way affect, nullify or impair any other section of these provisions. No waiver of the due rights that SEOProLab has under the protection of the agreement will occur due to any failure of SEOProLab to enforce any part of the agreement.


When placing an order you agree to our terms and conditions. By accepting this agreement on behalf of the client, you state that the person ordering has the requisite authority to commit the client to the agreement in its entirety and that this agreement is binding between the two parties. If any client payments are made via credit, debit card or bank transfer which is not in the name of the client, it is the sole responsibility of the client to reimburse all payments to the person acting on behalf of the client. SEOProLab bears no responsibility in this matter.


SEOProLab will only accept online payments via Paypal, 2CheckOut or Payoneer.

Payment for the client’s monthly services must arrive at SEOProLab by the first day of the month, or by the first working day of the month if the first of the month occurs on a weekend, to ensure continuity of service.


SEOProLab has complete confidence in its ability to achieve the desired result of an agreed-upon campaign. Should the client not be satisfied with the services provided by SEOProLab, the client may request a refund in writing or by email. Upon receipt of the request, SEOProLab will investigate the problem and determine if a refund is warranted. If a refund is granted, it will be processed in due course via the method used to pay for the original services.


SEOProLab assumes no responsibility in the event of file unavailability, data damage, loss of service, misuse of equipment by other clients or failure of externally-managed communication devices that are beyond the control of SEOProLab.


SEOProLab will never ask for any of your financial information other than the payment details required by the original agreement.

You should only divulge any user names and passwords which we may request after a service agreement with SEOProLab has been finalized.

If we create new online accounts for SEO purposes, SEOProLab will use proprietary email addresses and passwords in order to maintain total control over the accounts. Any and all new accounts created on behalf of the client will be documented to the client’s satisfaction.

If you receive any suspicious emails which you believe are in any way connected to us, please immediately report them to SEOProLab. Under no circumstances should you open any attached email files or respond to them in any way. SEOProLab will never pass your details to a third party unless this has been agreed upon in our contract.