Marko Velickovic

Marko Velickovic

The Usefulness of Keyword Research

A small but mighty SEO tactics is keyword research.

The task of doing keyword research can sometimes take a long time, but the results of locating potential keywords to use within a client’s website can contribute to a lasting effect on their Google search rankings.

Keyword research is extremely useful because it is the process of analyzing a list of keywords and the amount of times that they are typed into the Google search bar by people who are trying to locate a similar product or service — to that of the client you are doing SEO work for — in an average month.

One of the ways that you can then go about using the keyword data that you have collected in a way that will be beneficial for your client is by tracking down the keywords that are most relevant and garner the largest amount of search results, and then incorporating them into your client’s business website in some fashion.

There are multiple ways in which you can optimize these keywords on your client’s website.

One technique is to generate content that has to do with the keywords that you have located. It is extremely important to ensure that the content is not only related to the keywords and makes sense, but that the keywords are only used when appropriate; if the keywords are not used sparingly, Google will recognize that the content has only been created as an attempt to bolster the site’s search rankings, and could even result in a penalty.

Consequently, instead of “keyword stuffing,” the best way to use keywords in content that will appear on a client’s webpage is to actually write grammatically sound, original content about topics that are related to the client’s business.

This way, you will be utilizing keywords in written content on the webpage in a way that Google will actually approve of.

Although incorporating potential keywords that your client is not currently ranking for into written content on their website is one way to effectively use and benefit from keyword research, perhaps the most effective means of targeting keywords on a client’s website is by actually using them within the site’s metadata.

This means that instead of just producing written content that relates to the keywords, it is also crucial that you include the keywords in areas such as the headline on the webpage, any titles that may occur, and even within the website’s actual URL, if possible!

Once again, though, so that the website does not end up being penalized by Google, it is extremely important that the keywords are used in a way that is natural and not overly obvious – the metadata should not only make sense but flow as it normally would on any other website.

Always be sure to avoid keyword stuffing and spun content as these are also very problematic in the eyes of Google.

If you follow these tips, keyword research should prove to be very useful in helping improve your client’s website’s rankings on Google search pages and, consequently, in attracting more people to their business!

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